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Top Scoring Blog Posts of the Week: September, Week 2

Top Scoring Blog Posts of the Week: September, Week 2

As more content comes in, the spots for top scoring blog posts are starting to get heated up. We have a few new contenders this week, trying to fight their way to the number one slot.

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The majority of our bloggers this week were successful at providing content that was:

  • Original and humanistic

  • Clear and concise, organized

  • Audience-centric
    (writing for their target audience to maximize their engagement potential)


Check out last week’s top posts to see who won and continue reading to find out who your competition is!


6 Signs that B2B Small Businesses have big plans for Content Marketing.

Joe Pulizzi

Score: 84.04


Joe presents his post in an organized and clean way. He has clear subtitles, well-written content and provides thoughtful breaks with help visuals for his readers. He examines content marketing usage across different companies sizes, especially between B2B small business and B2B enterprises.


This post is in the top spot this week because Joe keeps his human readers in mind. Joe’s writing in an informative and educational style, which matches his target audience’s sophistication. His post is topic focused and remains clear and concise. Joe even takes time to answer everyone’s comments, which contribute to ongoing engagement.


Lost in Friendships: Part 2


Score: 80.24


Felicia is a contender again this week. She shares an honest and heartfelt look into her own life experience. This time she writes about the painful experience of losing a dear friend. A topic like this can be quite relatable to many readers. And we thank her for being brave in opening herself up and sharing her story with us!


What makes this blog post work? Well, Felicia writes for her readers. She’s transparent, which in turn allows her readers to join in the discussion in the comment sections. The more thoughtful the comments are, the better your scores become!


Coping with Grief During the Holidays


Score: 79.15


Hollye reveals that from time to time the holidays aren’t always filled with happy moments. It is possible to have to deal with grief during a time of celebration, especially if it triggers you to relive feeling of sadness and longing. Not only does she write about her own personal experiences, but educates her readers on the 4 types of grief and how to cope with them.


This blog post works because Hollye is able to educate her audience with personal experiences and fact. A great thing she does here is end her post with references to back-up her claims. It’s important to show that you’ve done your research! In the near future, the Content Scoring Engine will account for bibliographies and references in your blog.


Round-the-World Trip Planning – Interview with Kim Dinan of @RTWsomanyplaces


Score: 78.35


Lily, a travel blogger, interviews Kim Dinan about how she and her husband Brian are quitting their jobs and taking off on an all-around-the-world adventure. It’s an incredible look into these travel enthusiasts lives on how to prepare for such a huge journey, cope with fears and anxiety, and even budgeting for your own trip of a lifetime!

This post is loaded with value for Lily’s readers. It gives them an inside look on what it takes to plan an around-the-world adventures or even help them plan their own! Plus, it has a healthy amount of engagement too.

Why College is a bad investment


Score: 78.26

Cammi challenges the idea that college is a necessary obstacle one must accomplish in life. She proposes people are better off learning from real life experience, using their money towards investing in a startup company, in real estate, or even travelling the world. She even remarks that nowadays with the invention of Google you could teach yourself anything without needing to ever set foot in a classroom.

 There’s a few things that Cammi has going for her in her blog post. Her title is definitely eye-catching and it’s a great conversation starter, which creates a lot of engagement potential. She writes with her own unique voice, which is candid, transparent and to-the-point.

And that’s it for this week’s top scoring blog posts! Congrats to all of our bloggers!

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